Robyn Frank - Thumbs Cookies

Robyn Frank - Host
Thumbs Cookies

Robyn has always loved to be her own boss. Except when her sister tells her what to do. Robyn is a Minnesota native but went to NYC to pursue her acting career.

After spending most of her time waiting tables, she realized her true love for food and founded Thumbs Cookies, inspired by her mothers famous cookies. Robyn moved the business back home in 2012 and currently is enjoying the cookie life in Minneapolis where she has also become deeply intrigued by other entrepreneurs and their journeys.

She hopes you get as much clarity and inspiration out of these stories as she does.

Lisa Frank - LBF Strategies

Lisa Frank - Host
LBF Recruitment Strategies

For as long as she can remember, Lisa Frank has been fascinated with people and their stories. It is no wonder that Lisa has built her business, LBF Recruitment Strategies, LLC, upon the things she knows best: connecting, coaching and consulting.

An executive recruiter, connector, and career & life coach, Lisa offers a relatable and "Frank" approach to all aspects of life. Through her blog, Frankly Speaking, Lisa shares her insights, guidance and outrageous (but true) stories about career and life topics with plenty of humor, humanness and candor.

Maribeth Romslo - Producer
Airplanes For Breakfast

Maribeth is a producer, director, and cinematographer whose feature film Dragonfly premiered at the Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival and was selected for "Best of the Fest" at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.

Her production company, Airplanes for Breakfast, is named in honor of her grandmother who was a fearless pilot and treated every day as an opportunity for a daring new adventure.  

She deeply believes in the power of storytelling, no matter what the form is, because stories are what connect us and make the world go around.